Surface Restoration: Restore Surfaces and Bring Out the Maximum Beauty in Your Property

Surface Restoration in Minnesota

Surface restoration allows you to restore surfaces instead of replacing, which saves money and reduces waste. For surfaces that can't be restored, skip replacement and Diamond Polish the concrete subfloor to a mirror-like shine. Seeing is believing, so check out our before and after surface restoration photos.

The floor actually gleams now and
makes for an impressive entrance
into the building. It's amazing!

Jennifer Cin,
Property Manager,
Highland Ridge Apartments

Surface Restoration Services:

  • Diamond stone and concrete polishing
  • Restorative surface and grout cleaning
  • Counter top resurfacing
  • Carpet dyeing

Surface Restoration Pricing:

  • Diamond polishing starting at $3 per square foot
  • Counter top resurfacing priced at $12 per square foot
  • Carpet dyeing starting at $75