Pest Control for Bed Bugs, Cockroaches and Other Pests

Human inspection for bed bugs is only 30% accurate, which is why Brothers Services uses Hermano, our trained beg bug detector with 98% accuracy. Hermano was trained through J & K Canine Academy’s entomology canine detection program, which was developed in conjunction with the University of Florida.

Watch our now retired bed bug detector Lil Bro in action, as seen on KMSP Fox 9.

Download our Bed Bug Treatment Preparation Information Here.


Pest Control Services:

  • Pest prevention
  • Pest extermination
  • Pest prevention programs
  • The only bed bug detecting dog in Minnesota with 98% accuracy

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Pest Prevention and Extermination Programs to control, prevent and exterminate bed bugs, cockroaches and other pests

Quarterly Pest Preventative Program

  • 4 common area treatments.
  • 2 exterior treatments.
  • Exterior bait stations.
  • Price based on property size.

Monthly Pest Preventative Program

  • 12 common area treatments.
  • 2 exterior treatments.
  • Exterior bait stations.
  • Price based on property size.

Bed Bug Detection Services

Our detection service is best value in pest control. That's because most of the homes we inspect DO NOT HAVE BEDBUGS and--in multi-family properties--the apartment assumed to be the source of bed bugs often is not. If you're not performing an accurate inspection before treatment, you're wasting time and money.

Units that are determined to be free of any bed bug infestation will receive a Certificate of Inspection.

Bed Bug Extermination Services

Our Fire and Ice process uses Cryonite, a chemical-free contact killer that instantly freezes bugs, larvae and eggs with CO2. Next, we steam extract all carpets, fabrics, and upholstery to kill any remaining bugs, and then treat wall cavities with a pesticide powder to ward off future infestations. Finally, we require mattress encasements to improve the results of our extermination.



Multi-Housing Pest Inspections

Single unit$75
2 - 5 units $55 per unit
6 or more units$45 per unit

Pest Extermination Services

1 bedroom apartment: vacant$515
1 bedroom apartment :occupied$650

2 bedroom apartment: vacant 
2 bedroom apartment: occupied$800
3 bedroom apartment: vacant
3 bedroom apartment: occupied
Mattress encasements$60 each

All extermination pricing is for properly prepared apartments. Please contact Brothers Services for more details.


Commercial Pest Inspection and Treatment

$10 - $20 per unit ($75 min. charge)
Treatment: Hotel Room
Treatment: Suites  $250
Mattress encasements
$60, all sizes