Minnesota's Best Professional Cleaning Services Company

Brothers is a family-owned, Twin Cities-based business that specializes in the services you need to have a beautiful, clean and healthy indoor environment:

Cleaning, Pest Control, Carpet Cleaning, Duct Cleaning, Painting, Cabinets, Property Restoration, Surface Restoration and Ice Dam Removal.

Since 1995, Brothers has helped transform thousands of apartments, multi-housing units, office spaces and homes back to the beauty of their original state. 


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Our goal is to:
"Earn the Trust and Confidence of Every Single Customer, Every Single Time."

  • 96.4% of our customers have used our services more than once.
  • Brothers Services is the winner of the Minnesota Multi-Housing Association (MHA) MADACS award for Outstanding Vendor Commitment and Outstanding Vendor Product or Service Innovation.
  • Brothers Services is certified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.


Our Bed Bug Dectection Dog, Little Bro, has been featured on KSTP Channel 5 and KMSP Fox 9.

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What Makes a Successful Business?

A good friend of mine, whose business mind I respect a lot, gave me a book to read called “Good to Great.” For those of you who have never heard of it, it is a somewhat infamous analysis of 11 companies that, in the author’s estimation, had made the leap from being good companies to being great companies. I read about 15% before I gave up on it, as one of the 11 companies was Circuit City, which had already gone under, and another was Fanny Mae, which would have collapsed without a government takeover.

I don’t read as many business related books as I should, and it’s not because I don’t find them interesting or don’t think they have value. It is all an issue of time. Like most of us, I have none. The very little I can piece together I refuse to spend reading about a company that was so successful it went belly up. The book might have been full of useful information, but it felt too much like reading tips on parenting from Lindsay Lohan’s mother.

While there are similarities from industry to industry, in my opinion there is no single school of thought to a successful business that fits all. “Build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door.” What if your just selling regular mouse traps? Can’t you still have a successful business? There’s a candy store down by the Children’s Museum in Saint Paul which my kids always want to go to, and they aren’t selling anything innovative in there. That stuff has been around for decades.

If I had to pick one quote that I thought had relevance to our business, it would be from John Russell, the president of Harley Davidson, when he said “The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing.” A company in the service industry is doomed to fail if their sales reps show up at the customers’ door with the goal of selling stuff, if they are trying to be nothing more than a walking/talking version of the company catalog.

Most of our customers know that we make sales calls, but I wonder how many know that the goal of those sales calls is get information. Our reps are there to find out what you want and how we can adapt to provide it. This has been a guiding principal of our business, so much so that we considered changing the company motto to “What the hell do you want?” but it didn’t test well in focus groups. Sitting in an office away from the customers, it’s very easy to come up with all sorts of great ideas about how we should run the company. When those decisions affect the customer, it’s the sales and marketing people who have the final say. They need to decide if the customers will like it, hate it, or not care either way, and great ideas that the customers won’t like quickly become terrible ideas that are never implemented.

We’re very proud of our company, but whether or not we’ve made the leap from good to great is really up to our customers. We’re convinced that the path to greatness is meeting the needs and wants of the customer, and we’ve found that our strongest customer relationships are with customers who are not afraid to tell us what those needs and wants are. Is there a limit to how far we will go to give the customer what they want? Maybe, but it never hurts to ask!


This is our rotary trash chute 
cleaning attachment. It is
used to clean, disinfect and
deodorize trash chutes.