Mold Testing and Remediation

A small flood can turn into a huge mold issue down the road if not properly handled. Make sure the company that is handling your flood work knows what they are doing. It sometimes costs a little more to properly handle a flood, but if properly done those losses won’t turn into bigger ones. If you have a building or apartment that has mold issues feel free to call and schedule a test.

Mold Inspection and Testing

Mold Inspection with Infrared Camera and Moisture Meter  $125
Mold Inspection with Infrared, Moisture Meter, and Air-O-Cell Pump  $250


Mold Testing and Remediation

Often we get calls by managers who have a resident who is absolutely positive they are dying from mold that is somewhere in the apartment they rent. So we head out to test the apartment. Brothers uses an Air-O-Cell® sampling kit. The Air-O-Cell® is a unique air sampling cassette specifically designed for the rapid collection of a wide range of airborne aerosols including mold spores, pollen, insect parts, skin cell fragments, fibers (e.g. asbestos, fiberglass, cellulose, clothing fibers, etc.) and inorganic particulate e.g. ceramic, fly ash, copy toner, etc.). The Air-O-Cell® collects both viable and non-viable sample specimens, providing a much broader overview of potential allergens contaminants than conventional sampling techniques.

The Air-O-Cell® operates upon the principle of inertal impaction. Particulate laden air is accelerated as it is drawn through the cassettes tapered inlet slit and directed towards a small slide containing the collection media, where the particles become impacted, and the air flow continues out the exit orifice. The adhesive nature of the collection media prevents the collected particulate from blurring or being washed off during the laboratory staining process, and eliminates sample loss from vibration during handling and shipment.

After sampling is completed, the cassettes are sent to a laboratory, where the slides are removed and direct microscopic analysis can be immediately performed. The collection media is compatible with a wide range of biological stains and refractive index oils, allowing direct quantitative analysis of organic and inorganic particulate.

Once we get the results back, which is usually 3-5 business days, the report is sent back to the property. If the sample is negative for elevated mold levels, it is usually up to the management company whether or not there is anything else to pursue. If it comes back positive for elevated mold levels our work is just beginning.

Our first step--after a positive mold test--is to evaluate where and why there is an elevated mold count. This can usually be traced back to something relatively easy to find. A cracked foundation on a garden level unit, an improperly handled or unreported water mitigation, or failing roofing or window system are usually the cause. Once we find why there are elevated moisture levels, we can write an estimate for repairing or replacing the cause and get work started to mitigate the issue.

After idenifying the source, the next step is to replace or repair the cause of the moisture. Once that is done we remove any rotten or damaged material and then dry down the area. The whole time we are doing this we are working in a negative air flow environment to prevent the spread of spores and further contamination of the surrounding area. Once everything is dry, we can sand, vacuum, and encapsulate the affected areas and start the rebuild.

A few good tips to remember when dealing with water mitigation are as follows:

  • Fully extract a water damaged area. Move all furniture from the affected area no matter how big or heavy.  
  • Make the best effort to dry down a water damaged area in 72 hours or less. This is the fastest time possible for mold to develop in this part of the country.
  • Spray the affected areas with an anti-microbial. This does not kill mold but it strongly inhibits mold growth giving you extra time when drying a particularly difficult situation.
  • Use dehumidifiers whenever possible.
  • Always call Brothers Services when you have a water mitigation situation or as I like to call it a flood. 
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